How to make the most out of your Bridal Fair experience

September 16, 2016


Even for the most prepared brides, attending a Bridal Show can be overwhelming!  

Here are 4 tips we share with our "Jordan Events" Brides to help them make the most of their day, so they don't walk away frustrated without accomplishing their goals.


Tip 1 ~  GO with a plan

Before you attend any bridal show, make a list of the things you still need for your wedding.  For example...

  • I need a cake

  • Flowers

  • HELP on the BIG DAY!

This allows you to stay focused on what you need to accomplish and who you really want to see while you're at the show.  You don't want to get swept up in all the glitz and flash of the vendors and end up leaving without the information you came for.  If you are given a list of vendors at check-in, take a moment before you enter the show to underline or circle the vendors that you want to meet.  Now, don't get tunnel vision and miss all the other vendors unless you are truly short on time (sometimes you can run into a GEM!)  Having a plan will help you stay on task, accomplish your goals and allow you to make the most of your money and time!


Tip 2 ~ Bring a notebook & Take notes

Another key to a successful Bridal Show trip is being able to remember the vendors you want to follow up with once you're back home. Unfortunately, what typically happens is you collect a couple hundred brochures and business cards and by the time you get home they all start to run together and you can't remember which ones you really liked.  Well... NO MORE!!!  Next time you go,  take a notebook  with you (notepad or keep notes on your phone) and write down the vendor names that you really loved as you meet them.  It's also helpful to write down something that will help you remember what it was about that vendor that made you want to call them. (They offer reasonable rates, not pushy, super friendly, very professional etc).  Also write down something that will jog your memory of who they were (Cute girl with cheetah shoes, awesome wood backdrop etc).  Yes, it will take a little more time to go through the show but you will thank yourself later!


Tip 3 ~ Bring your own bag so you can keep important information separate

When you go to a Bridal show you will probably also come home with tons of samples in addition to all the business cards and brochures... it's what you do!!  So, be prepared to keep the vendor items and info that you really loved and want to follow up with- separate so they don't get lost in the pile.  You can put them in a separate bag, section of the bag etc.  This trick will also help you save tons of time later on when you're going through your notes and deciding who to call and who you want to hire.


Tip 4 ~ FOLLOW UP!

Now it's your turn... Do your homework and follow up on the vendors that you really liked at the show!  Check out their website, call and ask more questions to see if they would really be a good fit for your wedding. (our brides get a vendor checklist) Remember all that glitters isn't always gold...So, just because they had a great booth or flashy marketing materials doesn't necessarily make them the right vendor for you and your special day...

Bottom line....


This is YOUR wedding!  You will want it to be as perfect and as stress free as possible!!! 

As a planner / coordinator I know first hand that there can always be things that happen that are beyond your control (weather, sickness etc...)  At Jordan Events, we want to help you control the things that you can, organize the chaos and give you the best experience possible to enable you to have the wedding you have always dreamed of. 


So whether you are attending a bridal show, dress shoppingor creating your gift registry...  Try to have a plan, stay organized and accomplish your goals but never forget that the MAIN goal we remind our brides they have is to HAVE FUN!  We want you to be able to look back on the entire journey to your wedding day as a great experience and wonderful memory to cherish forever!

Here's to YOUR Happily Ever After!


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